Gulu University Hosts Participative Review of Gender Policy

Gulu University Hosts Participative Review of Gender Policy

From May 28 to June 1, Gulu University is conducting a participative review of its Gender Policy, and engagement activities about the anti sexual harassment policy and worksplace safeguarding policy. These events marked the second phase of a partnership between Gulu University and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) aimed at enhancing gender mainstreaming efforts at the institution, and improving gender equity and equality.

The Gender Mainstreaming Task Force, led by Dr. Doreen Chemutai, Chief of the Gender Mainstreaming Directorate, has previously developed a comprehensive gender mainstreaming roadmap, created a gender profile, and conducted an initial review of the gender policy.

On the first day of this week-long event, Gulu University’s top management, including the Vice Chancellor, University Secretary, Chief of Planning, and Chief of Human Resources, dedicated a full day to the review process. They emphasized the urgent need for effective gender mainstreaming at the university.

Throughout the remainder of the week, both academic and non-academic staff engaged deeply in discussions about workplace violence and gender equality models, starting with the framework for gender mainstreaming at Gulu University. It became evident that while significant progress has been made, there is a significant need for greater awareness of whistleblowing, safeguarding, and anti-sexual harassment policies. This critical work is being addressed by the Gender Mainstreaming Committee, underscoring the university’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment.

Additionally, it was noted that university policies and actions in gender mainstreaming must extend beyond the campus. This includes sensitization efforts within the community, secondary schools, lunchtime discussions, and even within people’s homes. These measures are essential to ensure comprehensive and effective gender mainstreaming.

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