Directorate of Planning and Development

Asaf Adebua

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In the year 2002 the University set up a Planning Unit to guide planning activities in the institution. After
nine years of existence of the University, the Directorate of Planning and Development (DPD) was
established by the University Council in recognition of the fact that the Directorate plays a critical role in
guiding systematic planning for development.
The DPD is headed by a Chief, Planning and Development, who is a top manager of the University with
extensive experience in planning and management. The DPD also has a number of other staff members,
including Principal Planning officer, Senior Planning officer, Statistician and administrators. Read More

Staff Members

Asaf Adebua

Chief-Planning and Development
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Lillian Tebere

Principal Planning Officer
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Emmanuel Wesonga

Senior Planning Officer
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Joachim Bukenya

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Jacqueline Dibele

Planning Officer
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Esther Nyakecho

Administrative Secretary
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Aaron Kinyera Rachkara

Office Attendant
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Abwol Mercy Acaye

Office Attendant
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Duties & Responsibilities

Academic Focus
Appraisal of new and on-going academic programmes and Market analysis.
Assessment of internal and external efficiencies.
Rationalization of establishments in academic departments.
This includes academic programmes assessment for viability and their potential external efficiency, thereby involving both theoretical and practical market analysis for appraising new programmes for launching. The Directorate contributes to the control of duplication of programmes and courses through reviewing new programmes assessing their recurrent implications.
Assessment of pass and failure rates and examination retakes
Academic Planning also involves determination of optimality for all departments in terms of establishment posts and other physical resource needs such as teaching and practical workspace. It will make sure that all academic units adhere to the enrolment ceilings.
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