Directorate of ICT Services

Matsiko Perez

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a key enabler in the provision of education services and a tool for critical decision making by University Management for the better operation of the University and visibility. This is in line with the University Strategic Plan 2020/21 – 2024/25.

As a University we are integrating ICT in all University functions as major drivers for quality teaching, learning, research, and innovation. The University is steadily expanding its ICT resources in terms of staffing, infrastructure, and related services.

To provide an excellent ICT environment to support Teaching, Learning, Research, and innovation for Community Transformation and Industrialization.

To provide up-to-date ICT infrastructure and services that promote teaching, learning, research, and innovation for community transformation and sustainable development.Read More

Staff Members

Matsiko Perez

Chief ICT Services
Msc. DC&SW(MAK), Bsc. IT (UCU), CCNP(MAK), CFOT, MCP (Aptech) View Profile

Okot David Pakono

Senior ICT Officer
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Ayella Andrew

Systems Analysist
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Mukundoufite John Bosco

ICT Officer
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Aguma Boniface

Assistant ICT Officer
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Mujunante Wensi

Assistant Lab Technician
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Oryema Jude Tadeo

Computer Laboratory Attendant
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Oloya Geoffrey

Computer Laboratory Attendant
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Lakwonyero Daniel

Volunteer-User Support
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Oriyo Bernard

Volunteer - Networks
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Duties & Responsibilities

The Directorate of the ICT Services (DICTS) is comprised of two main technical units that is Networks and Systems.
DICTS is responsible for;
a) Implementation of ICT policy and formulating all ICT related standard operating procedures/best practices and guidelines
b) Initiating review and amendments to ICT policy and guidelines to Senate ICT Committee
c) Deployment, maintenance and control of ICT infrastructure and services for administration, teaching, research and learning to the University at large
d) Identification of ICT needs in respective campuses/faculties/units of the University and support planning, budgeting and acquisition.
e) Creating awareness to ICT users within the University through workshops, seminars, trainings and many more
f) Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of ICT activities
g) Providing day-to-day ICT support to all University stakeholders that is students, staff, partners etc


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Office Line: +256 471 432 303