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Ojok James Onono
Communications Officer

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Communications Unit falls directly under office of the Vice-Chancellor and is to support the functionary role of communications which was traditionally public relation roles. Since the Vice- Chancellor is the Chief Public Relations Officer of the University by design of being the Chief Executive, the Communications officer and the Unit gets delegated roles through the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that both the internal and external publics of the university are properly informed on matters relating to the university.
Below are the core roles or mandate of Communications Unit.
-Implementing Public Relations Program of Gulu University overall.
-Drafting and submitting Responses to public enquiries.
-Providing internal communication and customer care.
-Managing and updating content for all Gulu University media platforms.
-Disseminating materials (newsletters and brochures) for raising awareness about Gulu University.
-Maintaining a depository of records on press releases and other relevant communication materials relating to Gulu University

Staff Members

Auma Felister

Assistant Communications Officer
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