Collins Anguzu

Assistant Lecturer

Collins Anguzu is an assistant lecturer at Gulu University, in the Department of Mathematics. After my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in 2002, I taught in secondary schools in Central Uganda before joining Gulu University in 2017. Alongside teaching in secondary schools, I gave lectures in Mathematics at Kampala University, Masaka campus and also at Mt. Kenya University in Kigali, Rwanda.
Just before joining Gulu University, I served as Deputy head teacher, duly appointed by the Ministry of education and sports, at Koch Goma secondary school in Nwoya District, where I served for only one year. Acquisition of MSc in 2015 and consequently becoming a PhD fellow at Makerere University under SIDA scholarship in 2017 (whose defense is set for 21st July 2023), are to me, a commendable achievement. In this PhD journey I have managed to publish two book chapters (links attached) and the third one is a journal article under review. Regarding leisure, I am passionate about music, particularly playing instruments and I also like watching movies.


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Anguzu, C., Engström, C., Kasumba, H., Mango, M. J., Silvestrov S.(2023). . (2023) . Algorithms for Recalculating Alpha and Eigenvector Centrality Measures Using Graph Partitioning Techniques. . Available at:
Anguzu, C., Engstrom, C., Silvestrove, S.(2021) . (2021) . A Comparison of Graph Centrality Measures Based on Lazy Random Walks. Applied Modelling Techniques and Data Analysis 1: Computational Data Analysis Methods and Tools , pp. 91-111. Available at:



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