Algorithms for Recalculating Alpha and Eigenvector Centrality Measures Using Graph Partitioning Techniques.

Conference Paper Authors: Anguzu, C., Engström, C., Kasumba, H., Mango, M. J., Silvestrov S.(2023).


In graph theory, centrality measures are very crucial in ranking vertices of the graph in order of their importance. Alpha and eigenvector centralities are some of the highly placed centrality measures applied especially in social network analysis, disease diffusion networks and mechanical infrastructural developments. In this study we focus on recalculating alpha and eigenvector centralities using graph partitioning techniques. We write an algorithm for partitioning, sorting and efficiently computing these centralities for a graph. We then numerically demonstrate the technique on some sample small-sized networks to recalculate the two centrality measures.

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Christopher Engström, Henry Kasumba, John Magero Mango & Sergei Silvestrov