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Francis Atube1*, Geoffrey M. Malinga2, Martine Nyeko3, Daniel M. Okello4, Simon Peter Alarakol5 and Ipolto Okello‑Uma6 . (2021) . Determinants of smallholder farmers’ adaptation strategies to the effects of climate change: Evidence from northern Uganda . Agriculture & Food Security, 10(6)
S. P. Alarakol, B. S. Bagaya, Walter Onen Yagos, E. I. Odongo Aginya . (2021) . Prevalence and risk factor associated with Taenia solium cysticercosis among pig farmers in two districts (Amuru and Gulu) in Northern Uganda , pp. 25-34. Available at:
S. P. Alarakol1*, B. S. Bagaya2, Walter Onen Yagos3 and E. I. Odongo Aginya . (2020) . Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Communities towards Neurocysticercosis in the districts of Amuru and Gulu, Northern Uganda . Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology, 12(2), pp. 17-28
S.P. Alarakol, J.L. Nakavuma, P. Odongo, M.L. Joloba . (2019) . Evaluation of PCR for direct detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in sputum samples in Kampala, Uganda . East African Medical Journal, 95(4)
S. P. Alarakol, J. L. Nakavuma, P. Odong and D. K. Byarugaba . (2018) . Evaluation of microbial quality of water in Kawempe Division, Kampala Surburb . East African Medical Journal, 9(8)
Simon Peter Alarakol, Moses Lotokome Joloba, Walter Yagos, Emmanuel Odongo Aginya . (2018) . Evaluation of metacestode of Taenia solium antigens for detection of anti-cysticercal IgG among patients with epilepsy in three districts of Northern Uganda . Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology, 10(8), pp. 107-114
Simon Peter Alarakol1*, Constantine Steven Labongo Loum2, Walter Onen Yagos3 and Kenneth Luyramamoi4 . (2017) . Assessment of impediments affecting health systems response to neurocysticercosis in two districts (Gulu and Amuru), Nothern Uganda: A cross sectional study . Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 10(40), pp. 87-96
Simon Peter Alarakol, Moses Lotokome Joloba, Emmanuel Odongo Aginya . (2017) . Seroprevalence of Taenia solium cysticercosis among people with epilepsy epileptic patients in three rural districts of Northern Uganda . Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology, 9(5), pp. 47-56
Schmidt V1, Sikasunge CS2, Odongo-Aginya E3, Simukoko C2, Mwanjali G5, Alarakol S4, Ovuga E4, Matuja W6, Kihamia C5, Löscher T1, Winkler AS7, Bretzel G1 . (2015) . Taenia solium metacestode preparation in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa: a source for diagnosis and research on cysticercosis . African Health Sciences, 15(1), pp. 58-67
Moses L. Joloba a 1, Benson R. Kidenya a 1 2, David P. Kateete a, Fred A. Katabazi a, Julian K. Muwanguzi a 3, Benon B. Asiimwe a, Simon P. Alarakol a 4, Jessica L. Nakavuma b, Saralee Bajaksouzian c d, Anne Windau c d, Michael R. Jacobs c d . (2010) . Comparison of transformation frequencies among selected Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes

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