Wokorach Simon

Male Representative to the Senate (GRC- IPSS)

Meet Hon Simon Wokorach doing Bachelor of International Relations and Security Studies at Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies. He represents the students from IPSS as a Guild Representative to the Guild Council at Gulu University. Additionally, in the Guild Council Wokorach is a Male Students’ Representative to Senate of the 22nd Gulu University Guild Government.
According to Otim, Gulu University continues to change the old narrative of the past decades of the civil unrest in the region as it offers a wider range of transformative programs in building up the broken community. The aspirations in building up intellectuals is evidenced with its far reaching positive outcomes that have been exhibited with impressive and unremarkable performances by our students in the labor market.
While this is true, there has been a lack of exposure to our students to take advantage of the digital age to maximize their potential, explore new opportunities and invest in the digital economy. Information and Communication Technology will readily facilitate all these smooth processes of digital transformation for supporting innovations from both the students and staff of the University.
Hon Wokorach’s leadership experience dates back from primary school serving as the time keeper and general duty prefect In charge of furniture and assets, and a lot of roles in between the journey up to his latest role as a GRC, IPSS.


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