Dr. Rev. Sr. Rosalba Aciro

Deputy Academic Registrar

Over the years, I have learned and discovered that the Department of Academic Registrar is very key and yet challenging. It is important because we determine the future of many young people and learners, right from admission, examinations and graduation. Though it had been very demanding in terms of professionalism, sincerity, patience, tolerance, enthusiasm, hard work and perseverance. The most challenging side of the department includes busy schedules, many activities to be handled one after another as per the academic calendar and other emergency programmes which come abruptly and yet very important. Amidst the many challenges, including inadequate staffing in the department, as Deputy Academic Registrar, one of my greatest joys is see many students entering the gate of Gulu University after obtaining Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) or diplomas matching out of the gate on graduation day with degrees or diplomas.

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