Walter Yagos graduated with a Master of Public Administration and Management, Gulu University Uganda. His thesis was based on the investigation of the adoption of ICT in higher institutions of learning by academic staff. Previously Walter graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Library and Information Science (with Botany and Zoology) from Makerere University Uganda. Walter joined Gulu University in April 2003 where he worked as Assistant Librarian and held positions as Head of User Services (2003 – 2005), Head, Technical and Order Division, (2005 – 2006), Head of User Services (2006 – 2008) and Head, Africana and Special Collection (2008 – 2011) before being posted as Head of Medical Library Gulu University (2011 to date). As Medical Librarian, Walter manages all the activities of Gulu University Medical Library. Walter also worked as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for Training Health Researchers for Vocational Excellence (THRiVE) project in Gulu University, and currently is a member and appointed Vice Secretary for Gulu University Research Ethics Committee (GUREC). He is a PhD student, pursuing PhD in Business and Management of Gulu University. Walter has won several grants for training and research which have resulted to several academic publications. Walter has been a referee for a number of academic journals which include among others Medicine Access @ Point of Care and Academic Journals. Walter’s current research areas include Health Informatics, mHealth, eHealth, Digital Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Walter Yagos Onen
Secretary, GUREC


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Walter Onen Yagos, Geoffrey Tabo Olok, Emmanuel Ben Moro, Jonathan Huck and Mahesh Nirmalan . (2022) . Use of mobile phones for rehabilitative services among prosthetics users in rural Acholi sub-region of northern Uganda: findings from a qualitative study . BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 22(263)
S. P. Alarakol, B. S. Bagaya, Walter Onen Yagos, E. I. Odongo Aginya . (2021) . Prevalence and risk factor associated with Taenia solium cysticercosis among pig farmers in two districts (Amuru and Gulu) in Northern Uganda , pp. 25-34. Available at:
S. P. Alarakol1*, B. S. Bagaya2, Walter Onen Yagos3 and E. I. Odongo Aginya . (2020) . Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Communities towards Neurocysticercosis in the districts of Amuru and Gulu, Northern Uganda . Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology, 12(2), pp. 17-28
Simon Peter Alarakol, Moses Lotokome Joloba, Walter Yagos, Emmanuel Odongo Aginya . (2018) . Evaluation of metacestode of Taenia solium antigens for detection of anti-cysticercal IgG among patients with epilepsy in three districts of Northern Uganda . Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology, 10(8), pp. 107-114
Simon Peter Alarakol1*, Constantine Steven Labongo Loum2, Walter Onen Yagos3 and Kenneth Luyramamoi4 . (2017) . Assessment of impediments affecting health systems response to neurocysticercosis in two districts (Gulu and Amuru), Nothern Uganda: A cross sectional study . Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 10(40), pp. 87-96



More Information

Mr. Onen is the current Secretary of the Gulu University Research Ethics Committee (GUREC). Before he was elected as Secretary, he served as a member from 2013 – 2023, where he attained vast experience in protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects as research participants, and has reviewed over 330 protocols. Yagos is also the Medical Librarian at Faculty of Medicine Gulu University. He is a researcher and has published, authored and co-authored several articles in eHealth, mHealth and Neglected Tropical Diseases. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in Business and Management biased toward Information Management.

Walter Yagos Onen
Secretary, GUREC