Okuja Patricia Jennifer

Cabinet Minister for Gender and Women Affairs

Hon Okuja, famously known as OPJ, is a proud Lango student at Gulu University pursuing a Bachelor degree in Science Education. She represents the students from the Faculty of Education and Humanities as a GRC, a position that saw her appointed as the Cabinet Minister for Gender and Women Affairs in the Guild Government. Hon OPJ also is a servant in Church and subscribes to the Anglican faith; she was previously the Vice Treasurer and currently the Vice Chairperson in the student leadership at St Paul Chapel, Gulu University.
Hon OPJ loves to empower and mentor people on career choice because she believes lack of this knowledge has led to many people be unemployed especially the youth. A teacher in making, who loves her profession, OPJ fights to create gender equality and shared responsibility among all Ugandans and she looks forward to teaching people about the love and mercy of God and to help them improve their spiritual growth. She believes that, “Education without God produces clever devils”. Her hobbies are, singing, travelling and swimming.


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