Kituyi Joan Esther

RT Deputy Prime Minister (GRC FEH)

Hon Kituyi is a third-year student of Gulu University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in science education physical (chemistry and math).
Due to the ability to induce, rally, move, motivate, mobilize others to ran a common goal she was elected as the Guild Representative to the council for the faculty of Education and Humanities. Upon reaching the Guild, she was appointed to serve as the Deputy Prime minister in the 22nd Guild government.
She started her Leadership journey in primary where she served as the class captain and Academic prefect in P.6 and P.7 respectively. In Secondary, Hon Kituyi was elected as the class councilor, Deputy speaker and vice Chairperson UNSA in S.1, S.2 and S.3 respectively.
She has the zeal to serve and is very passionate about women empowerment, gender equality and girl child education. In her A level, Joan served as Women Representative.
Hon Joan subscribes to the BAGUSA Association is she is currently serving as the cultural minister for BAGUSA. She believes in the change of biased cultural beliefs and norms in order to foster growth through uplifting others and enlightening them as a self-motivated leader


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