Weekend Students Representative

Hon Kidega Emmy is a GRC representing Weekend Students in Gulu University. He is a God fearing man who encourages people to appreciate the almighty God for the life they have and to be grateful for it and serve at His interest. Hon Emmy believes that, simplicity, integrity, and values are the core in leadership, which is why he came up to represent the Weekend Students of Gulu University as their Voice in the Guild Council.
Hon Emmy notes that, each and everyone has a purpose, task to perform before God, and as a leader, one needs to serve for the greater good of their people and put their interest first and if our action inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then we are the leaders that this generation was waiting for because the people need the change for their betterment. knowledge is very important to become something in life. you should never expect everything from anyone. you should rely on your hard work and God.


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