Kambale Chance Acrait

GRC – People with Special Needs/ State Minister Students with Special Needs

KAMBALE CHANCE ACRAIT is a third year student from the faculty of Education and Humanities who doubles as the State Minister for students with special needs at Gulu University. Acrait was elected as a GRC for students with Special Needs to represent them in the Students Guild. He likes dialogue and debates as a leader and always opts for mutual solution to the problems that affect the academics of students. Hon Acrait started leadership way back in primary at RUKOKI MODEL primary school were he was a debate prefect in 2014 and later went to,Saad Memorial secondary school and in 2015 where he still worked as assistant debate prefect, in 2016 to 2017, he was elected as debate and academics prefect and later worked as the prefect for persons with special needs in 2018. However, his leadership is not only in schools, but also in church and he served, since senior one as the chapel Treasurer up to senior 4. During his A ‘level days, Acrait still served as the Chapel Prefect.
As he reached Gulu University for his professional course, he joined university politics and in the 2022/2023 students guild government, he served as the Cabinet Minister for students with special needs. Currently he is serving as the State Minister for students with special needs at Gulu university for the 2023/2024 guild term. Acrait prays and seeks for collaborative leadership in the 22nd students’guild government.


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