Dr. Ongaya Kizito

Senior Librarian

Dr. Ongaya Kizito is an Information Scientist. He acquired his doctorate from Makerere University, School of Computing & Informatics Technology. He holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from Makerere, Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (Gulu University) 2005, and Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Mak) 2003. Since 2010, he has worked as a Senior Librarian at Gulu University Library. He has interest in the research in the areas of Information sciences such as information literacy, geographical information systems, spatiotemporal analysis, bandwidth management, almetrics, bibliometrics, information management, process modeling, modeling and simulation, and management sciences. Read More


PhD IS (Mak), MSc.IS (Mak), BLIS (Mak)

Research Interests

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Kizito Ongaya, Emily Bagarukayo, Benedict Oyo, David Okello-Owiny . (2024) . Research Data Management in Institutions of Higher Education in Uganda: A Neglected Business . The Uganda Higher Education Review Journal, 11(1), pp. 1-18
Kizito Ongaya, Augustus Aturinde, Mahdi Farnaghi, A Mansourian, Gilbert Maiga, Benedict Oyo, Emily Bagarukayo . (2020) . Spatiotemporal Analysis of Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda 1990-2014
Kizito Ongaya1,*, Paul Ssemalullu1, Benedict Oyo2, Gilbert Maiga1, Augustus Aturinde3 . (2019) . Towards a Spatial-Temporal Model of Prevalence of Nodding Syndrome and Epilepsy
Kizito Ongaya, Paul Ssemaluulu, Benedict Oyo and Pido Bongomin . (2018) . Conceptual modeling of nodding syndrome: A system dynamics and sequence approaches . Journal of African Interdisciplinary Studies (JAIS), 2(1), pp. 137-153



More Information

Ongaya, Kizito (2003). The State of Records Management in Local Governments: a case study of Gulu District Local Government. A Dissertation for award of Bachelor of Library and Information Science of Makerere University, 2003.

Ongaya Kizito, Jehopio, Peter (2007). A Web-based spatio-temporal decision support tool for humanitarian support distribution. Unpublished master’s thesis, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-6591793-9-6. http://hdl.handle.net/10570/760

Ongaya, Kizito (2023). Spatial-temporal model for emerging disease surveillance: a case study of nodding syndrome. Doctoral thesis submitted to Makerere University, Kampala. http://hdl.handle.net/10570/11716