Dr. Okumu John Bismarck


Dr. Okumu John Bismarck is currently holding a PhD in Education with specialization in Curriculum Studies from Gulu University. He conducted a study entitled “Mentoring and teacher Effectiveness: a case of government aided Secondary Schools in the Acholi sub-region”. In 2009. He graduated with a Master of Education in Curriculum studies from Makerere University. During his Masters’ programme, he conducted a study entitled, “Perceptions of Teachers-on-Teachers Development and Management Systems, Continuous Professional Development and Teacher Effectiveness in Primary Teachers Colleges in Acholi Sub-region”. Read More


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Research Interests

Curriculum Studies, Pedagogical integration, Curriculum Design, Development implementation, Evaluation and Innovation, Teacher Education and Continuous Professional Development, Mentoring, Support Supervision, Supervision and Evaluation .Early Childhood Education, Community Engagement, Primary School Education, Gender Responsive Pedagogy



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