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Jimmy Rhombe Alule, Dr. Expedito Nuwategeka, PhD & Dr. George Oriangi, PhD . (2023) . Characterisation of Forest Resources and the Local Communities for the Choice of Sustainable Forest Management Strategies in Uganda . Available at: https://orcid.org/0009-0008-0945-0901
Alule Rhombe Jimmy, Expedito Nuwategeka, George Oriangi . (2023) . Assessment of population dynamics and forest cover change in Yumbe District, Uganda . African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development 23(5): 23321-23339, 23(5)
Expedito Nuwategeka, Carlos Monge, Robin Shields, Ashik Singh . (2021) . Exploring environmental justice in educational research Exploring environmental justice in educational research . JustEd: Education asand forenvironmental, epistemic and transitional justice
. (2019) . Using indigenous knowledge to model land suitability for crops in Amuru district, northern Uganda . African Journal of Food Agriculture Nutrition and Development , 19(4)
Expedito Nuwategeka, Robert Ayine & Denis Thaddeus Ofoyuru . (2013) . Land Suitability Evaluation for Tea and Food Crops in Kabarole District, Western Uganda . Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 3(5), pp. 355-362



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