Dr. Alarakol is a Lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Gulu University. I graduated with a bachelor, MSc. degree in molecular Biology from Makerere University and PhD in Molecular Parasitology from Gulu University. I have over 10 years work experience of teaching at the University. Since 2008, I have been teaching in the Faculty of Medicine and participated in a number of Faculty development programs; these include the development of competency-based curriculum for the training of Medical students, ensuring responsible conduct of research (Member of Ethic Committee), participating in teaching Faculty medical students and quality assurance in addition to the general administrative duties in the Department. I also teach masters and PhD students. Additionally, I have supervised undergraduate, Masters and PhD students. I have been involved in Faculty mentored research and conducted a number of studies, especially in areas of Neglected Tropical Diseases NTD/infectious Diseases Cysticercosis and/or Neurocysticercosis, TB, HIV, Malaria) and Health Systems strengthening. My interests are in Neglected Tropical Disease studies focusing on areas of Molecular parasitology/Genomic analysis, population genetic structure, immuno-biology, Health systems strengthening, and Global Health. With this exciting and vast experience in research, I have been invited to serve as a Guest Editor, and technical reviewer of several scientific journals and institutions.

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Eunice Achiro 1, Lawrence Okidi 1, Richard Echodu 2, Simon Peter Alarakol 3, Juliet Anena 1, Duncan Ongeng 1 . (2023) . Prevalence of aflatoxin along processing points of locally made complementary food formulae in northern Uganda: Safety and children’s exposure across seasons
Eunice Achiro, Lawrence Okidi, Richard Echodu, Simon Peter Alarakol, Prossy Nassanga, Duncan Ongeng . (2023) . Status of food safety knowledge, attitude, and practices of caregivers of children in northern Uganda . Food Science and Nutrition
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S. P. Alarakol, B. S. Bagaya, Walter Onen Yagos, E. I. Odongo Aginya . (2021) . Prevalence and risk factor associated with Taenia solium cysticercosis among pig farmers in two districts (Amuru and Gulu) in Northern Uganda , pp. 25-34. Available at: https://academicjournals.org/journal/JPVB/article-abstract/B0AD2A265938
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Simon Peter Alarakol1*, Constantine Steven Labongo Loum2, Walter Onen Yagos3 and Kenneth Luyramamoi4 . (2017) . Assessment of impediments affecting health systems response to neurocysticercosis in two districts (Gulu and Amuru), Nothern Uganda: A cross sectional study . Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 10(40), pp. 87-96
Simon Peter Alarakol, Moses Lotokome Joloba, Emmanuel Odongo Aginya . (2017) . Seroprevalence of Taenia solium cysticercosis among people with epilepsy epileptic patients in three rural districts of Northern Uganda . Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology, 9(5), pp. 47-56
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Moses L. Joloba a 1, Benson R. Kidenya a 1 2, David P. Kateete a, Fred A. Katabazi a, Julian K. Muwanguzi a 3, Benon B. Asiimwe a, Simon P. Alarakol a 4, Jessica L. Nakavuma b, Saralee Bajaksouzian c d, Anne Windau c d, Michael R. Jacobs c d . (2010) . Comparison of transformation frequencies among selected Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes



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  1. Presented a paper in Makerere University Joint Annual Scientific conference, 2016
  2. Presented a paper during in Gulu University Conference, 2017
  3. Presented a paper in THRiVE Annual Scientific Conference, in Mombasa, Kenya, 2022


  1. I was awarded a grant for THRiVE-2 Career Development Award (THRiVE-2 CDA) supported through the DELTAS Africa Initiative grant # DEL-15-011 (2018-2019). The DELTAS Africa Initiative is an independent funding scheme of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS)’s Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) and supported by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development Planning and Coordinating Agency (NEPAD Agency) with funding from the Wellcome Trust grant # 107742/Z/15/Z and the UK government.
  2. I was awarded a WHO AFRO/TDR Small Grant support for conducting research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (TDR Grant) (2016-2018). The TDR project was housed at Faculty of Medicine, Gulu University and Dr Alarakol was the team leader and the principal investigator of the project. Grant number: SR PO201553050
  3. I awarded a European Union grant award through National research Organization (NARO) for conducting research on pesticides residue levels on selected vegetable products exported to Europe.
  4. I was awarded Research Innovation Grant for Covid-19, through Collaboration with Makerere University
  5. I was awarded Grant from Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene for conducting porcine cysticercosis in Omoro district, 2022. This grant was funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), UK Government.


In the last one year, I have been conducting a study on spatial distribution of Taenia solium cysticercosis among households rearing pigs in Omoro District, Northern Uganda. This study was funded by the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygience and National institute of Health Research, UK.


I have had collaborations with other institutions and had opportunity to submit Joint grant applications for various grant calls some of which were successful. These include Cambridge University, Makerere University and International Livestock research Institute (ILRI). Currently, we have collaboration with ILRI to conduct Taenia solium study in Northern Uganda.