Ayella Andrew

Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Mr. Andrew Ayella was born on 9th November 1965 in Gulu District.

Mr. Ayella is a Systems Analyst currently in the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (DICTS). He is a founder member and staff of Gulu University whose first appointment was on 6th September 2002 by the Gulu University Taskforce. He enormously contributed to the establishment of Gulu University and the ICT from the unit then to the now Directorate of ICT.

The knowledge, expertise, and experiences of Mr. Ayella have benefited Gulu University in diverse areas in Council, ICT, Administration, Planning, Finance Department, sports, student community, and University stakeholders.

Andrew has been an outstanding sportsman in the field of Taekwondo Martial Arts in World Taekwondo (WT) headed by South Korea, with the Head Office in Seol and the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) headed by North Korea, headed Office in Pyongyang. For more view the CV. 

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