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David Ross Olanya, Inger Lassen, Geoffrey Olok Tabo, Hanan Lassen Zakaria, Iben Jensen, Judith Awacorach . (2023) . Exploring Hidden Curriculum in Responsible Management Education : A Narrative Inquiry of Students’ Lived Experience in Management and Leadership Training Programmes. . International Journal of Management Education, pp. 2-38
David Ross Olanya, Geoffrey Tabo, Hanan Lassen Zakaria, Inger Lassen, Judith Awacorach, Iben Jensen . (2021) . A narrative Inquiry into Learning Practices and Career Opportunities in Graduate Education at Gulu University, Uganda
Geoffrey Tabo, Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Judith Awacorach, Ann Bygholm, Iben Jensen, Inger Lassen, David Ross Olanya . (2021) . Transforming Education: Digital Learning, PBL and Participatory Methods.


    Prof. Charles N. Okumu, Dr. Agatha Alidri, Dr. Geofrey Tabo, Ms. Judith Awacorach


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