Ms. Pamela Atim is a dedicated public health specialist with over a decade of service at Gulu University Research and Ethics Committee (GUREC). With a wealth of experience, she has held various roles, starting as a GUREC member in 2012 and progressing to become the vice secretary before being elected as the Vice Chairperson in 2023.

Pamela’s expertise extends to community development, where she has spent seven years implementing water and sanitation activities in Internally Displaced Persons’ camps in Acholi sub-region. Additionally, she has dedicated 11 years to the formation of medical and public health departments at Gulu University, where she currently serves as a lecturer and the Ag. Head of the Public Health Department in the Faculty of Medicine. Equipped with a master’s degree in Public Health and a background in Environmental Health Science, Ms. Atim is a key figure in coordinating the placement of medical students in ten lower health centers across Acholi sub-region of Northern Uganda. Her commitment to transformative teaching and learning is evident through her role as a trainer of trainees on curriculum development.

Passionate about improving community health, Pamela has actively engaged in research, contributing to 10 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Notably, she was a Co-investigator for a project titled “Rethinking Vulnerability to COVID-19 Lockdowns in Gulu, Uganda,” which secured a grant from the British Academy UK. This collaborative effort was between Gulu University and the University of Cambridge aimed at assessing the impacts of lockdowns on vulnerable populations and explore mitigation strategies. Additionally, Pamela’s involvement in projects like “Maternal and Reproductive Community Health – Low Technology Intervention” and “Mitigating the cultural, social and organisational barriers for meeting the needs of patients with major limb loss in Northern Uganda” underscores her dedication to addressing critical health challenges.

As a trainer of trainers for the “Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa (TESCEA)” project, Ms. Atim played a key role in developing a scalable pedagogical model for universities in East Africa. This commitment to education is further exemplified by her leadership in the review of the Master of Public Health Curriculum after the TESCEA training in 2016. Pamela’s impactful work extends to winning a research grant from The Task Force for Global Health, Inc, where she led a study in Lira district in 2014, Northern Uganda. This project demonstrated the effectiveness of Village Health Teams in promoting maternal and child health indicators.

Pamela Atim, Vice Chairperson, GUREC


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Geoffrey Olok Tabo, Alarakol Simon Peter, Pamela Atim, Derrick Amone, Yagos Onen Walter . (2024) . Attitudes of female market vendors of reproductive age towards use of mobile phones and access to family planning self-care interventions in Northern Uganda: a cross-sectional study . BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, [online] Volume . Available at:



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