Assoc. Prof. Ndyomugyenyi Elly Kurobuza

Associate Professor

Elly Kurobuza Ndyomugyenyi(PhD) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Production and Range Management and Head of Department, Animal Production and Range Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Gulu University. Ndyomugyenyi’s research interests are in alternative (non-conventional) feed resources to reduce feed costs for livestock production. He has done extensive work on Java plum and Jackfruit seeds as feed for poultry. Ndyomugyenyi has currently published over 36 articles in refereed journals. He is actively reviewing articles for international recognized journals, and was rated top most scholar among 10 scholars of Gulu University (2014-2018). Read More


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Research Interests

Elly has research interest in the use of alternative feed resources to reduce feed costs for animal production. So far, He has done extensive work on use of Java plum and Jackfruit seeds for poultry feeding. Currently, he is working on “Enhancing Pig Production and Marketing for Smallholder Farmers in Northern Uganda” with focus on use of pig production technologies including Artificial Insemination for breeding, Indigenous Microorganisms for smell reduction and formulae from local feed resources for reducing feed costs.


Samuel Ochora, Junior Senyonga Kasima, Wilfred Marion Okot & Elly Kurobuza Ndyomugyenyi . (2023) . Performance of local and local x improved chicken crosses under semi-intensive management system in Northern Uganda . Cogent Food & Agriculture, [online] Volume . Available at:
Daniel Micheal Okello, Tonny Aliro, Walter Odongo, Elly Kurobuza Ndyomugyenyi, David Okello Owiny . (2022) . Alone or a combination: Ascertaining factors associated with choice of pig health management strategies amongst smallholder farmers in northern Uganda . Available at:



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