Acayo Alice Holga

GRC – FOL/Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Hon Acayo Alice Holga, female Ugandan, an Acholi by tribe is a student at Gulu university pursuing bachelor degree in Laws. Once a student at Sacred Heart Secondary School, Gulu for UCE 2015-2018, and St Mary’s College Lugazi for UACE 2019-2020.
Hon Holga represents the students from the Faculty of Law where she was elected as a GRC that saw her appointed as the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in the 22nd guild government.
She is so passionate about rights of others especially women and children and as well promoting gender equality, justice delivery inform of fairness especially to the voice less like children .
During her leadership in the 22nd guild government, Holga has had an opportunity to experience the real meaning of leadership as not commanding but acting as a sense of direction, leadership requires patience and humility, it as well requires self-sacrifice. She believes that there’s power in our voices to learn critical thinking to empower us to stand up for what is right even if it means going against what everyone is doing This leadership experience has also prepared her well for her profession.


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