Unlocking the Potential of Green Charcoal to Mitigate Climate Change in Northern Uganda (UPCHAIN)

Participants: Dr. Collins Okello, Dr. Alidri Agatha, Dr. Tabo Geoffrey Olok


UPCHAIN project to start with, the six PhDs, 12 MAs and one postdoc which are funded by the project will enable us to understand different aspects in green charcoal. Climate Change and Green charcoal are both social and environmental issues and need a new approach to understanding them. The multi-disciplinary approach in the project, for example, creates the puzzle of how History can be used to address Climate Change. This project demystifies the fallacy of the irrelevance of history as a discipline in transforming lives. The different researches will bring out unique ideas around green charcoal and each of those ideas will certainly raise other areas for research, teaching and learning. As another major important benefit, the PhDs and Masters provide the lecturers opportunity for graduate supervision capacity building.

Links https://upchain.gu.ac.ug/
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