Pyrolysis of Sewage Sludge for Bioenergy, Soil Amendment, and Wastewater Treatment (PYROL Project)

Participants: Dr. Jimmy Byakatonda(PI), Dr. Alfred Obia(Co-PI), Dr. Emmanuel Menya(Co-PI), Dr. Collins Okello(Co-PI),


Brief Project Description (What is the project goal, objectives, monetary value, source of funding, start and end dates, key activities/tasks, expected deliverables, expected outputs, and expected impact?).

Goal: To sustainably manage sewage sludge, while at the same time obtaining useful products such as syngas, biochar and activated carbon for energy production, soil amendment and wastewater treatment.

1. To characterize and pre-treat sewage sludge samples collected
2. To carryout pyrolysis of the pre-treated samples to produce syngas and biochar
3. To upgrade the biochar to a biosorbent and organic fertilizer
4. To pilot the developed products at field scale.

Products to be developed:
1. Syngas for energy production
2. Biosorbent for wastewater treatment
3. Organic fertilizer for increased crop yield

Expected impact: Improved sanitation in urban areas, improved food security and energy access to ensure a healthy population

Acronym PYROL
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