Multifunctional Laboratory

Gulu University Multifunctional Laboratory

Gulu University as a Teaching and Research Institution have a state-of-the-art Research Laboratory facility, it has seven (7) specialised Laboratory rooms designed for detection and containment of infectious Diseases. The Laboratory was Funded by Government of Uganda and African Development Bank at the tune of USD 4.5 million, where USD 2.5 million was in equipment and USD 2 million on construction. Currently the Laboratory is at Biosafety level -2 (BSL-2)

The Multifunctional Laboratory also has capacity of Diagnosis and Epidemical Surveillance of Infectious disease such as Ebola, Yellow fever; COVID19. The Bioscience Multifunctional Laboratory is also currently doing scientific studies in Malaria and Mosquito insecticide resistance, mycotoxin and food safety in Northern Uganda including identifying Causative agents associated with Nodding Syndrome.

The Laboratory was commissioned by His Excellency the President, Yoweri Museveni Kaguta in January 11 ,2020. Government of Uganda later in 2020 zoned the Gulu University Laboratory as one of the Laboratories to start testing and managing of COVID19 cases in the Country.  The Laboratory underwent evaluation by Ministry of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centre For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and in January 25th ,2021 the Ministry of Health officially announced approval of the Laboratory to start testing for COVID19.






Multifuntional Laboratory

Dr. Richard Echodu the director of the multi-functional biosciences labortory leads the team within the facility today

Dr. Echodu explains to the team how infectious laboratory works as the vice chancellor and Dr. Paska looks on

In the News

Gulu University Laboratory Accredited for COVID-19 Testing

Gulu University Laboratory is among the seven laboratories have been added onto the testing network for COVID-19 in the country. Until today, the country was only using the Entebbe based Uganda Virus Research Institute-UVRI to conduct COVID-19 tests.

Recently, Gulu district covid-19 taskforce raised concerns over the laboratory turnaround time frame which is hurting the decision making process.


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Gulu University Laboratory Accredited for COVID-19 Testing (The Independent Magazine)

Last year, the University applied for accreditation to run COVID-19 tests at the laboratory, it was later accredited on January 25th, 2021 after scientific validation by Dr Henry G Mwebase, the Director-General Health Services in the Ministry of Health and Prof. Pontiano Kaleebu, the Director Uganda Virus Research Institute –UVRI. After accreditation, about 100 samples were tested and results found to be accurate.

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Mosquitoes resistant to chemicals found in North

Researchers have discovered that mosquitoes have become resistant to chemicals applied during the indoor residual spray exercise by the Ministry of Health in northern Uganda. The research was conducted by scientists at Gulu University with support from Training Researchers into Vocational Excellence in East Africa (THRIVE), a consortium that operates across East Africa.

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