Traditional Wisdom in Land Use and Resource Management Among the Lugbara of Uganda

Article Authors: Alidri Agatha


This article is the result of PhD research work into traditional and modern law, order, and judicial systems among the Lugbara of Uganda. Although a segmentary society, the Lugbara used indigenous wisdom and lived experience to develop traditional law to guide in the management of land, flora, fauna, and water for posterity. Cultural beliefs, values, norms, and practices that guided land use and resource management were handed down by word of mouth through generations. Clan elders were the custodians of clan resources, guiding the people in negotiating the pitfalls and contradictions of human life. Development and its associated problems could be addressed using indigenous knowledge and wisdom. The beneficiaries need the capacity to sustain development by using the available local knowledge and resources. Rethinking traditional knowledge and wisdom could act as a strategy for sustainable development.

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Journal SAGE Open
Volume 6
Issue No. 3
DOI 10.1177/2158244016664562
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