The Law of Multi-Bank Financing (Syndications and Participations)

Book Authors: Agasha Mugasha


The book includes chapters on what multi-bank financing is and who does it, relevant areas of law (including contract, torts, insolvency, tax, and statutes, such as the Bank Act), the mechanics of arranging loan syndications and loan participations, financial accommodation used (direct loans, bank guarantees, letters of credit, and bankers’ acceptances), legal relations between parties in loan syndications and loan participations, rights and duties of the agent bank, securities regulation issues in loan syndications and loan participations, and accounting and tax issues in loan syndications and loan participations. Agasha Mugasha argues that loan syndications, loan participations, and related practices are commercial transactions between sophisticated parties and should be analysed and regulated as such. Sample documents for syndicated facility agreements, participation agreements, sale and participation agreements, and standby letters of credit are provided in appendices. Based on law in Canada, particularly Ontario, The Law of Multi-bank Financing includes discussions of a significant body of United States jurisprudence as well as the most important court decisions in other common-law countries.

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Publisher McGill-Queen's University Press
Pages 552
Print ISBN 077351628X
Online ISBN 9780773516281
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