TermPedia for interactive document enrichment using technical terms to provide relevant contextual information

Conference Paper Authors: Proscovia Olango, Gerwin Kramer, Gosse Bouma


TermPedia is a human language technology (HLT) application for document enrichment that automatically provides definitions for technical terms (TTs). A technical term (TT) may hinder document comprehension if it is introduced without any definition or explanation. In some cases when a term is defined, the definition may contain additional technical terms that instigate a similar problem. This is why we investigated the possibility of providing contextually relevant information for the technical term by linking it to an encyclopedia. In this way, additional information relating to the technical terms shall be readily available and hopefully make documents more comprehensible.

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DOI 10.1109/IMCSIT.2009.5352716
Conference Computer Science and Information Technology, 2009. IMCSIT '09. International Multiconference on
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