Symbolic Universes1 of Hellenism And Afrikology: Metonyms And Search for Global Epistemological Field Building

Article Authors: Archange Byaruhanga Rukooko, Daniel Komakech


The paper argued for establishing the problem space of Hellenistic rationality and mentality. It constituted new sets of demand by juxtaposing two universes – Hellenism and Afrikology. Accordingly, it reshuffled the canonical feelings towards Hellenistic rationality and offered an angling upon which rationality becomes a field of debate and faulted, in favour of the African epistemology – Afrikology, established in its core tenet, the heart. The paper therefore tried to argue in general that, Hellenism is not inferior as such but that it is only one aspect of angling reality. Through an epistemological fault lines, the paper objected to the imposition of Hellenism as “the science” whose subjectivity ought to be dominant to the point of universalising itself as “dominant subjectivity”. This objection is not however, to trivialise Hellenism, this the paper has mentioned severally but, to offer a new epistemological space in which reality is allowed to reveal itself in the multiple spaces as Afrikology elucidates, without an overriding colonial epistemology of naming and understanding reality. It is only then that we can truly appreciate our common humanity in building a global knowledge.

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Journal IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS)
Volume 22
Issue No. 8
Pages 61-73
ISSN Online: 2279-0837 | Print: 2279-0845
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1Department, Makerere University
2Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies, Gulu University
Corresponding Author: *Archange Byaruhanga Rukooko