Seminal Characteristics of Boer and Native Ugandan Bucks and Doe Fertility Following Synchronization and Intra-cervical Insemination

Article Authors: Bigirwa G., Nassuna-Musoke M. G., Okwee-Acai J. and Owiny D. O.



Seminal characteristics of Boer and Indigenous Ugandan bucks were compared. Ugandan female goats were synchronized using progesterone impregnated sponges and then divided into two groups. After synchronization period, the does were inseminated using Boer and Indigenous buck semen and subsequent fertilities compared. Serum estrogen levels at sponge withdrawal were compared with fertility rates. There were some differences in seminal characteristics between Boer and Indigenous buck semen, there was no significant differences in fertility rates of goats following insemination with either Boer or Indigenous buck semen; or lower estrogen levels at sponge withdrawal were associated with lower fertility rates.

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Journal Journal of Animal Science Advances
DOI 10.5455/jasa.20150118041244
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