Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda: A probable metabolic disorder

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Aims: To conduct an epidemiological study to establish the association between malnutrition, metabolic disorder and Onchocerciasis to Nodding Syndrome (NS) in Northern Uganda. Study Design: Case-control study design. Place and Duration of Study: Odek and Atiak sub counties in Gulu and Amuru districts between 10th to 20th June 2012. Methodology: We recruited consecutively 101 children with probable NS in the 2 sub counties in Gulu and Amuru districts. Controls were from the same population but without symptoms of NS and were matched by age, sex and residents. History and physical examinations were conducted; anthropometry, blood samples and skin snips

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Journal British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research
Volume 3
Issue No. 4
Pages 2054-2068
DOI 10.9734/BJMMR/2013/4357

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