Mature cystic teratoma of anterior mediastinum in a 4-month-old infant: a rare case report

Article Authors: Senai Goitom Sereke, Anthony Oriekot, Oliva Nalikka, John Paul Magala & Felix Bongomin


Teratomas of anterior mediastinum are rare tumors and are often slow growing, asymptomatic and detected incidentally on chest imaging. We report, a rare case of an anterior mediastinal teratoma occurring in early childhood. A 4-month-old male infant presented to the pediatric unit of our hospital with a 2-week history of a progressive difficulty in breathing and stridor. He had received several courses of oral and intravenous antibiotics for a clinical diagnosis of pneumonia. The baby started to show social smile and hold his head fairly steady. Chest radiography and chest ultrasound revealed a cystic anterior mediastinal mass which was confirmed by a contrasted chest CT. An ultrasound-guided trucut biopsy of the mass was performed and histopathology showed mature cystic teratoma. Surgical removal of the mass was done with excellent post-operative outcome. Occurrence of a mature cystic anterior mediastinal teratoma is uncommon in early infancy. Early and complete surgical resection offers the best possible prognosis.

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