Literacy as placed resource in the context of a rural community member’s everyday lives: The case of Bweyale in Uganda.

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Introduction: Languages and literacies as mobile and placed resources. Susan Nichols 2. But they didn’t win the Super Bowl! Printed t-shirts as place/d resources. David Caldwell 3. The parenting magazine as g/local genre: The mobilisation of childhoods Susan Nichols 4. Shut in and shut up: Consequences of workplace confinement for journalists. Collette Snowden 5. Literacies as placed resources in the context of rural community members’ everyday lives: The case of Bweyale in Uganda. George Openjuru 6. Literacy, sustainability and landscapes for learning. Lyn Kerkham 7. ‘They are of very imperfect quality’: Slates as material and placed resources in a Sydney school, 1887-1889. Phil Cormack 8. Circuits, astronauts, and dancing oranges: Documenting networked knowledge on tablets. Jennifer Rowsell & Tiffany Gallagher 9. Mobilising literacy policy through resources. Jenni Carter 10. Catalysing learning with placed English resources: An issue of TEFL in early childhood education. Zheng Lin 11. A place for students’ multilingual resources in an Australian high school. Mei French and Michele De Courcy 12. Silence as literacy and silence as mobility: Australian students shifting learning modes in foreign language learning Dat Bao & Phan Le Ha 13. Global Englishes as placed resources. Doan Ba Ngoc 14. Languages as contextualised resources: Chinese-speaking pre-service language teachers using Chinese and English in the academic writing process Huang Yusheng 15. Shaping a digital academic writing resource in a transcultural space.

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