Nodding Syndrome in Uganda-a disease cluster: An epidemiological dilemma

Article Authors: David Lagoro Kitara, Jason Oh, Amos Deogratius Mwaka.


Nodding Syndrome (NS) was recently described in children in Northern Uganda. The affected children were in the age group 5 – 15 years. They were stunted, malnourished, dehydrated, mentally retarded and get recurrent seizures. The objective of this study was to describe the cluster distribution of NS cases in Northern Uganda. We conducted a cross-sectional study using available data on the burden of NS in Northern Uganda and used GPS to map the locations of the most affected areas. The results obtained indicate that Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda occurs in clusters in the following locations Odek, Atiak, Angagura, Awere, Laguti, Labongo-Amida, Atanga, Pajimo, Palabek Kal and Palabek Gem sub counties and mainly along Aswa and Pager rivers and their tributaries. Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda occurs in clusters predominantly along two rivers; perhaps it is an indication for environmental, dietary and common epidemiological exposures for the syndrome.

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Volume 11
Issue No. 1
Pages 33
ISSN 2072 – 1625

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