Information and Communication Technology usage in post-conflict maternal healthcare: Northern Uganda Referral hospital perspective. Health Policy and Technology.

Article Authors: Abandu, J., Kivunike, F. N., Okot, P., & Lamunu, J. (2019)


The main objective of this study was to assess Information and Communication Technology (ICT) usage in post-conflict maternal healthcare. This adds to the knowledge base as well as boosts the need to prioritize, empower and create awareness among ICT benefactors.
A descriptive survey design was applied to quantify and explain the findings that were obtained from Gulu Referral hospital. A set of structured questionnaires were distributed to the participants during the phase of data collection. Regression analysis was performed to assess the relational impact of the identified factors on the use of ICT with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences.
Although regression has shown usefulness, ease of use, trust and awareness as the key factors that promote ICT usage in the services of maternal healthcare, a number of deterrents were identified. The deterrents include: limitation of strong ICT infrastructure, skills and knowledge.
We recommend management and Government improve ICT infrastructure and offer user training to impart knowledge and skills that are needed for handling sensitive or private health data. Adequate funding is also needed to strengthen ICT infrastructure. Due to the complex or dynamic nature of the society and advance in ICT more promoting and deterring factors should be explored in future.

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Publisher Elsevier Ltd
Volume 8
Issue No. 2
Pages 151-156
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Florence N. Kivunike, Joyce Lamunu