Improving Content Comprehension and Knowledge Retention with Wikipedia

Conference Paper Authors: Proscovia Olango Gosse Bouma


Wikipedia can function as an inter-knowledge domain glossary for identifying technical terms, jargons, acronyms, and abbreviations in documents, with anchor texts serving as the mentioned entities. There are more than ten million anchor texts that cover nearly all known knowledge domains. This wide coverage offers an opportunity for extracting terms from a document in the absence of a manually constructed glossary. This paper discusses how a state-of-the-art method of term extraction (sub-string match) can combine incoming links overlaps to predict, disambiguate, defi ne and link technical terms using Wikipedia anchor texts for easy knowledge acquisition. Where applicable, Wikipedia images shall be displayed along with the technical term definitions in an effort to improve knowledge retention. It is hoped that term definitions shall improve document content comprehension and facilitate the processes of knowledge acquisition.

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Conference 7th The International Conference on Computing and ICT Research At: Kampala Volume: VII
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