Immunisation-notification adoption model: strategies for implementing mobile electronic notification of mothers in Uganda

Article Authors: Jackson Abandu, Florence N. Kivunike


Mobile e-health systems play a significant role in information delivery by enhancing efficiency, cost-effectiveness and mobility. In Uganda, mobile e-health has been predominantly adopted to facilitate information sharing between Ministry of Health and district health offices despite the availability of mobile phones in the community. This study sought to develop an immunization-notification adoption model to support the use of mobile technology for creating citizen awareness. It focused on the adoption of mobile technology for notifying and reminding mothers of immunization schedules. The objective was achieved by extending the technology acceptance model to predict user satisfaction with the new system. Descriptive survey design was employed using questionnaire for data collection. The study implemented in Northern Uganda targeted 51 health workers and mothers in Gulu referral and Gulu independent hospitals. The model has the dimensions of knowledge, accessibility, support, content, trust, funding, awareness, knowledge sharing, skills and ease of use. Perceived usefulness was considered the key driver for the system adoption.

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Journal International Journal of Telemedicine and Clinical Practices (IJTMCP),
Volume 2
Issue No. 2
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