From crisis to collaboration: the untold geographies of parents’ involvement in preschoolers’ learning during COVID-19 crisis in Kampala, Uganda

Article Authors: Kisira, Y., and Nabasumba, M.


In developing nations, the involvement of parents in preschool education is a pressing concern. This was further heightened the Covid-19 pandemic with prolonged preschool closure. By applying the transformative learning theory, we investigated the dynamics of parent’s involvement in home-based learning in an urban context. Our study delved into diverse learning platforms and factors influencing parental involvement using a cross-sectional survey that involved a sample size of 119 respondents, comprising parents only.

Household interviews were conducted for quantitative data. The qualitative approach involved in-depth interviews conducted using ten (10) KIIs, comprising two (2) division education officials, six (06) head teachers, and two (2) school inspectors in Rubaga Division. The study findings underscored collaborative efforts between parents and educators, interactive digital resources, and parent’s transparent communication for transformative learning. This study informs the ongoing reforms in Early Child Education across the world, especially in developing countries.

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Journal Education 3-13
Place of Publication Uganda
Pages 1-16




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