Exploring Literacy and Numeracy Practices; Ethnographic Case Studies from Uganda

Book Authors: George Openjuru, Dave Baker, Alan Rogers and Brian Street


This book explores a key question in all forms of adult education, including adult literacy and numeracy learning: ‘how can we find out about the experience and existing knowledge, skills and practices that adult learners bring with them to their adult classes?’ The reason for asking this is to help adult learners build on their existing knowledge and skills as they develop new (literacy and numeracy) skills and practices. his book describes a training programme (LETTER) for adult literacy teachers (facilitators) and their trainers in developing countries designed to help them make their teaching more effective, but its significance for other forms of adult learning programmes is much wider.

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Publisher Uppingham Press 68 Whiting Street Bury St Edmunds IP33 1NR
Online ISBN 978-0-9542114-1-7 (p-bk)
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