Effect of Document Enrichment on e-Learning

Article Authors: Proscovia Olango, Gosse Bouma, Geoffery Andogah, John Nerbonne


In order to realize the idea of document enrichment we developed a tool called TermPedia which predicts and defines technical terms in educational text. The definitions are extracted from Wikipedia, and the technical terms are also linked to contextually relevant Wikipedia articles which provide further explanation for the definitions. This paper presents results from a user study that was carried out to determine the effect of document enrichment on e-learning from educational documents (textbooks). In particular, the study tried to answer the following questions, 1. Does document enrichment improve understanding of e-content? 2. Does document enrichment reduce the time needed for e-learning from an educational document?

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Publisher Published by Elsevier Ltd
Volume 73
Pages 43-50
DOI 10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.02.017
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The University of Groningen. Department of Information Science, P. O. Box 716, Groningen 9700 AS, The NetherlandsbGulu University. Department of Computer Science, P. O. Box 166, Gulu, Uganda
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