Dragging the finishing of Marua* Discrete Performance among Re-Displaced Former Lord’s Resistance Female Returnees in Gulu Cityscape

Article Authors: Daniel Komakech


The paper deploys the technique of marua (a local brew made of fermented millet flour and yeast) shades as specific corners in the hinterland of Gulu cityscape. It shows how these corners are constructed by the former Lord‟s Resistance female returnees to sell marua while taking an intricate decision to flirt in a gendered way with the males, without necessarily engaging in sex. This it argues is to negotiate living and livelihood in the cityscape. This as the paper will elaborate, circumvents the normative question of whether there are no other more acceptable navigation pathways that are less demeaning than flirting in a gendered way. Beyond this normative consideration, the paper posits a mundane moralscape that is not only multiple but also shows how this pathway is tactically better. Re-rooting it in the mundane everyday practices as an emergent and discrete circuit of navigation that is complex, it shows the transition of practices in this very specific corner. Employing fluid and different temporal moments around re-displacement (that is, moving on from the villages to Gulu cityscape), the paper applies a mobile analytic conceptual tool to understand these mobile lives. Second, through these maneuvers, the paper tries to account for the complexity and elusiveness of privileging a double and fleeting behaviour emerging out of a specific problem of post-conflict life and living among this group.

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Journal African Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies
Volume 9
Issue No. 2
Pages 119-137
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