A System Dynamics Model for Subsistence Farmers’ Food Security Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa

Article Authors: Benedict Oyo, Billy Mathias Kalema


Food security at subsistence farmers’ level in sub-Saharan Africa has become an issue of concern due to increasing vulnerability caused by a number of factors such as: changing climate, resource scarcity (e.g. land and inputs), environmental degradation (e.g. declining soil fertility, deforestation, and surface water eutrophication), market failures and weak public/donor support initiatives. In light of these challenges, farmers must be prepared to survive by self-provisioning. To pursue the fastest and most practical route to improved food security, focus should be on resilience based initiatives at household and community levels. In this paper, the authors investigate the factors that have enabled subsistence farmers to succeed despite the previous shocks and stresses, and develop a system dynamics model for sustainable food security based on initiatives exclusive to the farmers. The model is used to examine the question: how can innovative subsistence farmers engage in better livelihood and market orientated production irrespective of external public or donor support?

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Journal International Journal of System Dynamics Applications (IJSDA)
Publisher IGI Global
Volume 5
Issue No. 1
Pages 17-30
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