Gulu University contributing to the management of Covid-19 through Covilyce1

Covilyce1 is a herbal medicine developed by Dr. Alice Lamwaka Veronica, at Gulu University Multifunctional Laboratory. The inventor is a Pharmacist by training and a staff at Faculty of Medicine at Gulu University.

The medicine was produced as a result of the engagements with the community as part of the different roles of teaching, research and community outreach/ engagement the academic staff of the University are obliged to undertake.


The supportive treatment remedy was not originally meant for covid-19 treatment, but for pre-existing fungal and bacterial infections especially respiratory tract infections. The medicine was being developed through indigenous knowledge and indigenous knowledge systems at the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Traditional Medicine Centre of excellence, headed by the inventor.

However, some Covid-19 patients’ relatives who had used the herbal medicine for some symptoms similar to those of Cocid-19, recommended this medicine to them. When the patients acquired and used this medicine, they reported feeling better and later on further re-testing for Covid-19, they tested negative. This news went on through social media and the community started demanding that the inventor produces it for use as covid-19 treatment. On realizing this, the inventor started laboratory experiments and hence named it covilyce awaiting necessary approvals with regulatory organs and clinical trials to enable documentation of the effectiveness of covilyce1.

Although still at Laboratory level, Covilyce1 has been developed and can be administered in four forms; the Drops, Linctus, Powder and Suppository (inserted into the rectum).

The drops are used at mild stage, while both drops and linctus are used when one starts coughing. This is both under home based care. When a patient is hospitalized with complications, the Drops, Linctus and the Powder are all used to neutralize and kill the Virus, in addition to managing other conditions. However when a patient has cyclic vomiting, is unconscious or on oxygen support, the medicine can be administered as suppository or Rectory and the response is seen within 20 minutes.

The University is grateful to the Government, specifically the President of the Republic of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri K. Tibuhaburwa Museveni for the pledge to support the University by committing 3.7Bn Shillings for clinical trials and 12Bn Shillings to construct the Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Traditional medicine Centre of Excellence.

We as Gulu University, envisage massive production for national and international use if Uganda investment Authority (UIA) offers the University an Operation License.

For more details on covilyce1, contact Gulu University Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and traditional medicine centre of excellence through the vice Chancellor’s Office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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