Gulu University Vice Chancellor in Burundi to talk about Education

Gulu University Vice Chancellor in Burundi to talk about Education

Gulu University Vice Chancellor in Burundi to talk about Education

Gulu University Vice Chancellor and Chairperson of Uganda’s Vice Chancellors’ Forum Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah and the University Secretary, Obol David Otori including the University Bursar, Nyeko John have followed Gulu University team led by Dr. Lamwaka Alice Veronica and Associate Professor, Echodu Richard who are in Burundi, Bujumbura showcasing in the 23rd East Africa exhibition.

Prof. Openjuru was chosen by the Uganda delegations at the exhibition in Burundi to give a speech about the general Education System in Uganda since he is an established Educationalist and heads the Forum for all Vice-Chancellors in Uganda.

On the sideways of the events on November, 12th 2023, the Vice-Chancellor met a team from the East African Court of Justice headed by their Public Relations Officer, Annah Nabaasa, and was given law books about the court to give to his students at the Faculty of Law of Gulu University.

The team from the East African Court of Justice also requested Gulu University to ensure that their Law students make a learning visit to their headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania to learn more about the court and how they can become practitioners before the court.

The exhibition commonly known as Jua-Kali brings innovators and the business community in the East Africa Region together with the interest of showcasing strictly East African Products and Innovations.

What Gulu University is Exhibiting to the East African Community

Dr. Lamwaka known for the Covilyce Invention during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the mastery of the blend between indigenous local herbs and science is showcasing many other innovations in the local medicine arena to the people of East Africa.

Meanwhile, Dr. Echodu the Chief or Director of Gulu University Multifunctional Research Laboratories where traditional medicine is tested from and added value, is presenting to the East African Community his innovation in testing and detecting bacterial and viruses in crops.

His innovation includes test kits for the Banana Bacterial Wilt, Cassava Mosaic Virus, and the Sweet Potato Virus.

According to Prof.Echodu, the new test Kits have 96 percent sensitivity, and can easily be used by ordinary smallholder farmers, commercial farmers, government agencies, labs, NGOs, and development partners in the East African Region.

Gulu University won the best award for the scientific blend of local herbs for managing COVID-19 during the 21st edition that took place in Mwanza, Tanzania in 2021.

About the 23rd Edition of Jua Kali.

The 23rd Edition of the EAC Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Trade Fair, popularly known as the Jua Kali/Nguvu Kazi Exhibition, was officially opened on December 8th, 2023 by the Vice President of the Republic of Burundi, H.E. Prosper Bazombanza.

The 23rd EAC MSMEs Trade Fair, which runs from 5th to 15th December 2023 at the Cercle Hyppique Grounds in Bujumbura, Burundi has attracted more than 1,000 artisans from all the seven (7) EAC Partner State.

The theme of this year’s fair is “Connecting East African MSMEs to enhance Intra-EAC Trade,” which aligns with the EAC Heads of State’s goal to increase intra-EAC trade by 50%.

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