Gulu University Students Saturday, November 4th 2023 Dialogue with Management on Fees and Tuition Policy

Gulu University Students Saturday, November 4th 2023 Dialogue with Management on Fees and Tuition Policy

Gulu University students through their Guild leadership have on Saturday, November 4th, 2023 dialogue with management on the Fees and Tuition Policy through the Students’ General Assembly called by the students.

Okot Francis, the Gulu University Guild President told the General Assembly attended by Gulu University Management that the Fees and Tuition policy is not written on stone and needs to be bent to support many students paying their tuition in the final hour of exams.

The Fees and Tuition Policy need every student to pay their tuition and fully register by the 12th week of the semester to be able to sit their examinations and the University by that time may not receive money for tuition from students who could have not paid but would be expecting that the students formally withdraw from their programmes temporarily and resume when ready.

According to the Guild President in his address, the Policy is not favorable to the students who pay themselves and financially struggling families, hence closing the registration portal for students would be disastrous based on the fact that by the time of the meeting about 2000 students had registered out of over 6000 projected total students of Gulu University.

“We are very okay with Zero Balance but we kindly request the University to ensure they keep the portal open beyond the 12th week”. Okot Francis submitted with confirmation applause from the student community.

He also warned the students to desist from betting off their tuition or using it for investment which has always resulted in scams.

Dr. Jerry Bagaya the Academic Registrar told the students that his number one role is to implement Academic Policies and ensure integrity of Awards of Gulu University.

He assured the students that the policy in question is not new; however, Gulu University management has directed that the Policy needs strict implementation as many students took the pardon and relaxation for granted making the University accumulate billions of shillings from unpaid tuition and fees.

He expressed fear that many students had not enrolled yet. It is free of charge and advises the students that planning examination materials and other services is very hard with uncoordinated statistics of students. He said the University wants the Policy implemented as it is to ensure proper planning.

In the interactive session, Gulu University Secretary, Obol David Otori told the students that the management of the university had been lenient and supportive although many students abused it by consuming their tuition.

After responding to queries and concerns from students, the University Secretary assured the students that management would look into their pleas and communicate to them on the matter related to the portal closer by the 12th week which is ideal the 12th of November 2023.

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