Gulu University Launches BSU Phase Four Project

Gulu University Launches BSU Phase Four Project

Gulu University is today launching its Phase Four Project for Building Stronger Universities at the University New Library in Gulu City, Northern Uganda.

The Project is a Danida Funded project that shall focus on Lifelong Education and new ways of learning: Problem-based learning, hybrid and eLearning, secondly the project shall also look at Sustainable Development and Climate Change Mitigation: Innovation, education and community engagement, thirdly the project shall also look at Post-conflict Policies and practices: Hosts and Refugees, Transitional Justice; and Health and Technologies: Health Rights and Changing Gender Relationships.

Dr. Agatha Alidri the Coordinator of the project said BSU one up to BSU three project started in 2011 to 2023 with tangible output of having supported Four PHD programmes, supported formulation of 12 Gulu University Policies, upgraded Gulu University bandwidth from the initial 2mbps and 5mpbs (BSU I), 30mbps (BSU II) and eventually to 133mbps (BSU III).

She added the provided 27 PhD scholarship degrees across several faculties and institute of Gulu University among others.

Lars Arne and Julie Bune of the Danida Fellowship Centre, another core partner of the project, thanked Gulu university and appreciated their journey with the academic institution.

Gulu University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah welcomed the Danish Ambassador and all the partners at the launch as he pledged commitment of the University in ensuring that the project gains more height than ever before.

The Danish Ambassador to Uganda, Her Excellency Signe Winding Albjerg congratulated Gulu University for the over 10 years of partnership and hailed the institution’s researchers to take interest in researching all Danida funded projects in the country. The project launch has brought officials from the Office of the Prime Minister and patterner Universities like Aalborg, Copenhagen,Roskilde University of Hargeisa-Somaliland, State University of Zanzibar-Tanzania, Maseno University-Kenya and University of Rwanda among others. Visit Our Gallary 


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