Gulu University Deputy Academic Registrar Defends PhD

Gulu University Deputy Academic Registrar Defends PhD

Reverend Sister Rosalba Aciro the Gulu University Deputy University Secretary has successfully on Thursday, 25th, 2023 defended her Doctor of Philosophy in Education titled “Entry Grades and Academic Performance of Students in Public Universities in Uganda” from the University Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Boardroom.

In a panel of examiners chaired by Dr. Expedito Nuwategeka, the former Deputy Dean Faculty of Education and Humanities, Reverend Sister, Rosalba demonstrated bravery and knowledge of her work and was passed for the award.

She encourages university staff who are busy to consider pushing hard to finish their study despite a tight schedule.

Dr. Agatha Alidri, the coordinator of Building Stronger University (BSU), a Danish-funded Project at Gulu University said the resilience of Sr. Rosalba exhibited a bumper harvest for the project interest since the project supported her research and study stay in Denmark.

“Sister was able to beat all odds amidst her busy schedule and complete her PhD with a very relevant topic to higher Education hence her work needs to be implemented and not kept on shelves”

This would make two PhDs in the Academic Registrar Department of Gulu University as Dr Jerry Bagaya the head had already joined the PhD league.

Associate Professor, Betty Akullu Ezati and Dr. David Onen Otto all of Makerere, and Professor Openjuru George Ladaah the Vice-Chancellor of Gulu University supervised this Academic work.

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