‘Don’t be Money Minded’ – MP Aol Betty warns Medical Students

‘Don’t be Money Minded’ – MP Aol Betty warns Medical Students

Gulu City woman Member of Parliament, Aol Betty Ocan, who was the Chief Guest for the Blood donation drive launch at the Faculty of Medicine on the 18th March 2024 has called on medical students not to be money-minded but rather prioritize the lives of people while on duty.

Meanwhile, Gulu City Mayor, Alfred Okwonga has challenged Gulu University to introduce Engineering Science Courses including Geoscience and Robotic Science.

The mayor revealed his plans to establish the first ever Mining Company in Uganda but expressed worry about where to get people with the expertise in the country hence stressing the need for those courses.

Gulu University Faculty of Medicine Blood Donation Drive running from Monday to Saturday, 23rd, March 2024 in different places including Gulu University, Layibi college, Sacred Heart Secondary School, Ocer Champion, Gulu main market is expected to see 750 units of blood collected to save lives.

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