‘Degazette the Entire Forest Reserve for Gulu University Use’: Gulu City Councilors resolved!

‘Degazette the Entire Forest Reserve for Gulu University Use’: Gulu City Councilors resolved!

Gulu City Special Council Meeting presided over by Alimo Joyce Reeni, the Gulu City Speaker has this afternoon of November 15th, 2023 unanimously agreed that the whole of Gulu Central Forest Reserve be degazetted to facilitate the expansion and development of Gulu University without any hindrance.

This was after Christine Olok, the Deputy Mayor presented a Gulu City Executive Committee position before the special Council meeting that sat at Gulu University New-Library indicating that the Executives found it proper that Gulu University expansion and development needs not to be frustrated.

The Executives further argued that based on the fact that Gulu University is offering their 500 acres of land in Nwoya for swapping with the National Forestry Authority, it was proper to make Gulu University have the entire Gulu Central Forest Reserve. The Forest Reserve measures about 243 acres.

The Gulu City Councilors included, Acan Susan, Ayee Cindy, Ojok Patrick, Komakech Richard Oketayot, Ogwetta Andrew Otto, and Odong Morris among those who were vocal in the house, defended that it was relevant for Gulu University to expand and have the Gulu University Specialized Hospital built in Gulu with ease.

This position which came after an earlier 15 minutes’ adjournment by the Speaker ruled out debating on the matter.

Innocent Ahimbisibwe, the Gulu City clerk on the invitation of the speaker thanked the councilors and promised to ensure the ‘resolution of no objection ‘on the degazzettement is presented to Gulu University with immediate effect to facilitate further actions.

Prof. Openjuru, George Ladaah the Gulu University Vice-Chancellor expressed excitement for the noble role the councilors played to see that the University expands.

“The government has given us 21 days to expedite this process and we really had to pull this, thank you “. Prof.Openjuru, who was granted the opportunity on behalf of Gulu University couldn’t hold his gratitude.

On November 2nd 2023, Government of Uganda through the Government Chief Whip, Hamson Obua and the Minister of State for Sports, Ogwang Peter gave Gulu University management 21 days to ensure that they finish with the major work towards the degazettement process that has been pending despite Presidential directive in 2020.

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